Dreams Lived By


To each soul who dared to dream and lived that dream

Dreams Lived by

Beaming spark in the eyes

Imagination like the wild

Seamless thoughts

They dared to dream


Many a Fall

Many a Spring

Seasons changed

Characters rose characters died


Days became cold

Nights got rough

Battles were lost

Ammunition did exhaust


Wildness of the dark

Emotions of the path

Some wise some otherwise

Change stayed put


Ephemeral to Reality

Intentions saw Actions

Paintings met Pictures

Dreams lived by

Picture Credits: An awesome friend who took this picture in Montreal, Canada


~ Silver Linings ~

The memories of last week are so fresh in my mind

Running and Rushing – the fitness monster in me

The gods of good health were being so kind

Only when it was the end of the week, and Sunday did flee



With my basketball buddy waiting

Rush Rush Rush – Screaming at the top of my voice – late late late

Another Jordan in the making ?

Well, wait until you watch your fate !



A new camp –  A lot new players

Warm ups – Lay ups – Activity in motion

All thrilled for a match – changing gears

Who knew there is more in action !



Little did I know, the cost of defending a pass

With a landing on a fractured ankle bone

A morning no more pretty alas !

How I wish I had a foot clone



With doctor’s recommendation for more than a month’s bed rest

It was a mini heart attack

I couldn’t be more depressed

The world in front of my eyes turning black



From ‘ultra busy’ to ‘all time free’

From ‘Are you at home ?’ to ‘Found on the same spot !’

From ‘Tears of sadness’ to the ‘Gift of time’

A little perspective is what fate has brought !



Its only the second day

Yet it feels like a decade has gone by

It is going to last and only two options to weigh

Welcome it with a smile, or cuddle it with a cry



Experiences are what matter the most

Black, white, cold and gray

Optimism is such a beauty to host



Fortuitous Uncertainties

Penning down half way through this poem, I was stuck. To my surprise, my friend Gogol finished the second half, which is also his debut poem. It turned out to be a delightful duet.  So here is presenting  Fortuitous Uncertainties


We think , We anticipate, We plan

We believe we know

All that is required to be known

We are certain of the events in our lives

We feel we have taken control

Riding the circle of life

Little did we know

We are fooling ourselves

It is but uncertainties which govern

A new dimension unleashes itself

It is but a whole different scheme


Wicked, sure, it may seem

Yet it beckons with a feverish charm

And whispers mutely, of unknown paths

And thus we find us drawn to it –

The thrill, the mystery, the magic and such.

For who truly yearns the same old fate?

To write their stories in the same ink stain?

Courage to break the comfort-shell,

And to laugh at one’s own stumbling fail;

These, I wager, are two of the most

Vital ingredients for the perfect toast

To life, beyond; and that’s the core.

So, bottoms up! and I yell for more

‘cause the throat’s mine, and it’s yet not sore!

Shades of Life

Somehow, this one came out in Hindi .


Kabhi Kabhi..
choti choti baatein
dil ko chu jaati hai zindagi
Kabhi Kabhi..
kathin ho jaati hain raahen
raah bhul jaati hai zindagi


Kabhi Kabhi..
man hi man muskuraye
pal mein hasaati hai zindagi
Kabhi Kabhi..
aankhon mein nami
pal mein rulati hai zindagi


Kabhi Kabhi..
asaan lage har armaan
asmaan chu jaati hai zindagi
Kabhi Kabhi..
mushkil har kadam
uljhano mein fasati hai zindagi



Kabhi Kabhi..
umeedon waali dhoop
aashayein jagati hai zindagi
Kabhi Kabhi..
takleefo bhare badal
mushkilo mein sikhati hai zindagi



Kabhi Kabhi..
undekhe khwaab dikhaa ke
hairaan kar jaati hai zindagi 
Kabhi Kabhi..
har ek lamha
khul ke jeena sikhati hai zindagi





To New Beginnings

Yesteryear has given best of memories

Some dark, some bright

Yet some of the greatest stories


Looking forward to the New Year

With fire in thy belly

Life has a new direction to steer

With sparkle in thy eyes



This time of the year

The thrill of all the resolutions

With family and friends so dear

Hopeful we make valuable contributions


Filled with gratitude

Count thy numerous blessings

With bagful of positive attitude

Cheerful smiles and greetings


Pinch of Spice

Tonnes of Good Luck

In no price

Love Peace Happiness

In thy stars

I envision such brightness


Oh Yes I am crazy ! Crazy!

Life, many a times, has taken me by surprise
Everything, sure comes at a price
No matter how sad a night could be
It was followed by a day so breezy
Oh Yes I am crazy ! Crazy!
I am crazy about my life.

Friends have given me such pretty moments
Moments which brought ‘colgate’ smiles
Smiles which drive me crazy
Oh Yes I am crazy ! Crazy!
I am crazy about my friends.

Days have been really busy
Life may not be so easy
Dedication is what keeps me going
Oh Yes I am crazy ! Crazy!
I am crazy about my work.

The shades of life
Some dark some bright
Some colored some white
Black may be a classic favorite
Neon Pink is what is crazy
Oh Yes I am crazy ! Crazy!
I am crazy about colors.

Luck has been favorable
Life has been generous
Times have been stable
Heart and mind have such impressions
Oh Yes I am crazy ! Crazy!
I am crazy about expressions.

“It’s your turn”


As much as I want to deny

I have to agree

I am the victim of the ‘Band Baaja Baraat’ event in my country

No matter how much I love my family


With the wedding season around

With loads of fun filled laughter and dance

A dozen of relatives surround

With the brightest of a chance

To suggest you the most optimum time of life to get married


Oh yeah ! They say NOW is the right time

It amuses me , but, for ‘them’, it seems like a crime

To cross a age threshold and yet be single

Upon this, they are the first ones, who happen to stumble 


The Big Fat Indian Wedding is like an ‘open source’ opportunity for relatives

Comes with a free license to make use of it to the fullest

Its entertaining how they propose such offers with incentives

“You would look radiant as a young bride”, “This is the golden time of your life” 


I can do with these, But there is more to it

At the age of twenty four, relatives have these depressing explosives

“Finding a ‘great match’ after the threshold bar is tougher”

Than optimizing a n degree non linear problem ? Such negatives !


The sheer idea of “arrange marriage” is another scary concept

How the elder generation survived through it , leaves me spellbound

A complete stranger to accept : fortunately I find myself inept 


With a zillion more to attend

As much as I like family gatherings

I am not going to pretend

“It’s your turn” is what this event brings”


High hopes and early expectations

Hopeful to survive the pressure

Life with its limited validity beckons

The present moment to capture